We are sure that Evolution Diet makes the World's Best Pet Foods. We have thousands of dogs and cats of all types eating Evolution Diet foods all around the U.S. and Canada everyday.

Differentiator #1 - Small Batches

Unlike all our Vegan competitors we bake small batches every 4-10 weeks.

This makes our food always fresh.

Differentiator # 2 - NON-Chemical Preservatives

Unlike all other Vegan Vegetarian Pet Food companies we do not use any toxic chemical preservatives or mold inhibitors.

We would rather make smaller fresher batches and instruct our clients on keeping Evolution Diet Foods tightly sealed in its original bag to prevent moisture and air damage.

Consider this reality: all other vegan vegetarian pet foods last 1.5 years, while Evolution Diet only lasts 10 months and that is because we do not use toxic chemical preservatives

Differentiator #3 - Our vegan pet food prevents cancer

We don't use the toxic chemical preservatives because they are linked to cancers.

The most common cause of death in dogs is cancer, and it is similar with cats.

Differentiator #4 - for all life stage and compliant with NRC/AAFCO

Evolution Diet are the world's most complete plant protein pet foods made on the planet and they are the only foods that 100% complete for all life stages according to NRC and AAFCO nutrient profile requirements for both cats and dogs and  they will get 100% complete for all life stages meal. This makes our foods much more expensive to make, but of much higher quality! 

Differentiator #5 - Quality ingredients

We make all our foods with U.S. and Canadian Ingredients in the U.S.

Reliable, time-tested Results

We have had medium and small size Dogs living up to 24 Human Years and large size Dogs living up to 19.5 Years.

We have had several of our clients use Evolution Diet Pet foods for multiple generations of their Black Russian Terriers for over 32 years.

These are the longest living Dogs on our foods and this is not a guarantee that your Dog will live any longer than a normal life expectancy.

Comparison brands table


About Evolution Diet Pet Foods

Eric Weisman, CAHP, NCAP, Internationally awarded scientist - empiricist – healthcare practitioner intermittent years 2013 through 2021 for developing and applying life saving nutrient botanical compound assistance and tissue repair for cancers, vascular – heart – brain disorders, inflammatory joint and skin disorders in both Non Humans and Humans and designing developing Plant Protein Cat - Dog Ferret foods. He also works in the design development procurement and management of a World leading company that makes Evolution Diet plant protein Cat, Dog and Ferret Foods.

Additionally, he runs a small Animal Sanctuary and have spent thousands of hours taking care of homeless and injured Non-Humans over the past 20 years.

Eric Weisman completed and graduated a doctorate physician’s education with over 11 years of college and university. He has assisted in many cancer cases using a specific nutrient – botanical compound that he has developed, experimented and treated with for over 20 years.

Eric Weisman has assisted thousands of Cat and Dog guardians with various Cat - Dog - Ferret and other Animal illnesses, especially cancers, infectious diseases and organ failures.

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