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Evolution Diet – 30 Years of Dedication to Plant-Based Animal Nutrition


World’s First Vegan Pet Food Company

Evolution Pet Food was started in 1989 by Eric Weisman - a physician with interest in animal welfare and nutrition. Before it all started, Eric had been running a rescue shelter for homeless cats and dogs. Observations and experiences with these animals led him to realize that commercial pet food industry is problematic and its products are the cause of many illnesses. Eric did a lot of research, hoping to understand all he could about animal nutrition and what he could do to take better care of his rescue animals. This led him to the idea of a new kind of food for them - one which would use no animal products, and allow cats and dogs to live healthier, longer lives. This is how Evolution Pet Food was created – first vegan pet food company in the world. Over the years, its formulas were perfected, and new flavors created. Thirty years later, the company is now a well-established, international business, a recipient of multiple awards.

Evolution of Evolution Diet

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Nutritional, healthy formulas for your cat and dog

Here at Evolution Diet, we take nutritional needs of companion animals very seriously, and ensure that our products are well-balanced and nutritionally complete. Our products are formulated in accordance with AAFCO nutritional requirements for cats and dogs of all life stages (growing, adult and senior). They contain all the nutrients your animal requires, in correct proportions. We have transitioned thousands of cats and dogs to our plant-based food and are always here to help our customers during this process.

Dozens of studies on plant-based nutrition of cats and dogs have been conducted by universities and other institutions over the past several decades. Much is known about effects of plant ingredients on health of animals, digestion and absorption of nutrients. These studies point to the same general conclusion: carefully balanced, nutritionally complete formulas are beneficial to cats and dogs. In fact, several issues associated with feeding commercial meat-based food disappear after transitioning to plant-based (such as allergies, hypertension, etc.). Here at Evolution Diet, we use this research to formulate and improve our products, such as Maximum Life (LINK) and Gourmet Fondue (LINK).

We manufacture our products in the USA, and use only high-quality, clean ingredients grown in the US and Canada. To learn more about ingredients that go into our products, please see our Ingredients page. [LINK]

100% Vegan, Ethical Company

Evolution Diet is proud to be a part of the vegan movement and represent the values of veganism. A 100% vegan company, we produce only plant-based, ethical products with minimal environmental footprint. This sets us apart from many other companies that still carry meat products along with their vegetarian formulas. We also support local shelters and animal rights groups with food donations and funding.

You can help too, by adopting a plant-based diet for your companion animal. We know it works – from research, experience and numerous testimonials of dog and cat guardians who feed plant-based products to their furry friends. Transitioning is easy and rewarding, and we will guide you every step of the way.

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Celebrate our 30 year anniversary with us! Take advantage of our Anniversary Discounts!