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Evolution Diet – Over 30 Years of Dedication to Plant Protein Based Animal Nutrition


The World’s 1st  Plant Protein Vegan Dry Kibble - Plant Protein Vegan Moist Canned Cat - Dog Food & Nutrient Compound Service Company

Evolution Pet Food started in 1989 by Eric Weisman - a human physician with an interest in being kind, preserving all animal life and nutrition. Before it all started, Eric had been a long time vegetarian running a small rescue shelter for homeless cats and dogs at his home. With his years of college and university training, scientific background in physiology, pathology, x-ray, and nutrient applications for human disease, his observations in cat-dog illnesses and experiences with veterinary case reviews made him think there must be a better way to feed cats and dogs.  He came to realize that the flesh based pet food industry was problematic and that its products were and are the cause of many illnesses:  Cancer has been and is the leading cause of death in dogs and now becoming the leading cause of death in cats for many years.

In 1986, Eric started investigating the pet food industry and visited pet food plants and rendering operations.  He was shocked to find out that the mainstay ingredients of the flesh pet food plants and rendering operations he visited were 4 - D animals (dying, dead, disabled, diseased) and animal parts that were not to be used for human consumption.  Eric did not visit all pet food plants, so he could not and cannot say that what he saw applies to the entire flesh based pet food industry.  Eric found the reason there were and are no USDA inspection certifications on flesh based animal grade pet food packaging was and is that there are no USDA inspections of sick pet food ingredients. The USDA did not and does not inspect sick animals that go into flesh based animal grade pet foods.  Eric had already studied much in the area of human nutrition and disease, reviews of research and nutrient compound applications for illnesses.  With his background, he hoped to understand all he could about animal nutrition and give all cats and dogs a healthier, longer life, while saving as many other animal lives as he could. This led him to the idea of a new kind of pet food - one which would use no animal products whatsoever, and allow cats and dogs to live the very safest, most extended lives possible.  

The concept of the most nutritionally complete and very best vegan cat food - very best vegan dog food was invented and pioneered by Eric Weisman and his Evolution Diet Pet Food Co. – the world's 1st vegan pet food company started producing plant protein - plant oil, non GMO dry kibble pet foods over 30 years ago with the inspiration of his father Paul Weisman, PharmD.  Its formulas were perfected, and new flavors created starting with the assistance of Darwin Brightsman, PhD in Animal Nutrition.

Eric Weisman pushed the envelope in the late 1980's when it was considered absolutely impossible to successfully feed a plant protein diet to dogs and cats without killing them from malnutrition:  This was the misinformation being expressed by veterinarians in 1989 and this lie is still being told by certain uneducated and misinformed veterinarians and pet guardians an so called expert lay people to this day.  Veterinarians like medical doctors, by the way, have little or no training in nutrition and the nutrition training they get, if any, comes from the Slaughter Animal Chemical Drug Industry.  

Veterinarians and medical doctors do a great job of diagnosing disease, but there are many improvements that could make veterinary treatment and human medical treatment much more effective if better plant based diets and nutrient compounds applications were used either instead of, or in addition to some standard chemical drug and surgery regimes.   

By the way:  The US and Canada have the poorest medical healthcare ranking among all developed countries according to the World Health Organization.   

Evolution was and is the trailblazer - world leader of vegan cat foods and vegan dog foods with the most established, international reputation and perhaps best vegan cat food and best vegan dog food in the world.

How does Evolution Diet Pet Foods offer the best chance of safer, longer, healthier lives for cats and dogs than all other vegan pet foods or flesh pet foods for that matter? 

1.a  Evolution Diet is the ONLY Plant Protein - Plant Oil Based Cat Dog Foods formulated to meet or exceed NRC and AFFCO Nutrient Profile Requirements For All Life Stages: This means Evolution Pet Foods offer the very best chance of the very longest healthiest life for dogs and cats compared to all other vegan pet foods.  1.b Also:  Evolution Diet makes Non GMO and Organic Cat Food and Organic Dog Food which translates to an even better chance of an even longer, healthier life for cats and dogs.

2.  In an effort to make the best vegan cat food and best vegan dog food, all Evolution Diet Pet Foods use absolutely no chemical preservatives or mold inhibitors that contribute to cancers and other diseases.  Evolution Diet may be the only vegan cat-dog food company that does not use chemical preservatives.  Chemical preservatives do not have to be listed on pet food ingredient labels according to government regulations so they are not, but again, the chemical preservatives used in other pet foods, vegan or flesh based, contribute to cancers and a shorter life expectancy for cats and dogs.         

3.  Evolution Diet and Eric Weisman, CAHP, are so dedicated to longer healthier lives of cats, dogs ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, and humans that it provides its' own state authorized, life saving healthcare consulting service with no charge assessments, consultations and follow ups. No other pet food co. that we know of anywhere in the world is dedicated enough to go to the trouble and expense, vegan or otherwise to offer this service.  This is a nutrient compound service and goes beyond conventional animal care.  No it is not a medically qualified veterinary care practice that depends only on drugs, surgery and flesh-blood pet foods with chemicals added:  It is an internationally awarded qualified nutrient compound practice that uses little if any drugs. We believe that by employing World Leading Animal Nutritionists to design our products and the very best ingredients, we offer unparalleled performance compared to all Vegan – Vegetarian – Meat, Poultry and Fish Based Pet Foods made anywhere on the Planet.   

4.  Evolution Diet is recipient of the most international awards for excellence and scientific achievement for best cat food, best dog food and nutrient compounds for disease anywhere in the world vegan or otherwise. 

5.  Last, but not least, Evolution Diet makes all of its' dry kibble pet foods in small batches every 3 to 8 weeks and all of it's canned moist pet foods every 6-8 weeks.  In efforts to make sure Evolution Dry Kibble Pet Foods are fresh and mold free, we use the very latest airtight, moisture proof recyclable non BPA dense plastic bag and can packaging to keep them fresh.  We also add extra Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rosemary to our foods to preserve them in their airtight, waterproof containers.  The added supplements we use not only prevent deterioration of our foods, but also prevent deterioration and disease of dogs and cats eating Evolution Diet Foods and again adding to the chance of your pet living longer than on other pet foods 

Evolution of Evolution Diet

Nutritional, healthy formulas for the healthiest longest life of your cat and / or dog

At Evolution Diet, we take nutritional needs of companion animals very seriously to ensure that our products are the best balanced and most nutritionally complete for all life stages of any pet foods made anywhere in the world. Our products are formulated in accordance with both Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrient profile requirements for cats and dogs of all life stages (infant, growing, adult and senior). They contain all the conditionally essential nutrients your cat or dog requires, in correct, optimal or extra amounts according to extensive, established research studies conducted by scientists before and during Evolution Diet Pet Food Co.'s development.  We could not have started Evolution Diet Pet Foods without the help of other scientists that laid the groundwork for both the nutrients and nutrient requirements of our products.  This together with the support of 1000's of customers and clients all over the US, Canada, Europe, continental Asia Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan we have been able to transition thousands of cats, dogs and even ferrets and rabbits and gerbils to our plant protein based foods and at the same time saved many millions of animals that would other-wise have become pet food. 

Evolution was the trailblazer company that proved plant protein vegan cat and dog foods were a viable and healthy way to feed cats and dogs against all odds. In the very beginning and even to this day we were and are attacked by uneducated veterinarians that still tell our customers and animal care clients what we are doing is not possible, even though over 30 years of facts and thousands of long living cats and dogs prove they are wrong.

Evolution paved the way to show that long living vegan plant protein fed cats and dogs were and are possible long before Ami, Benevo, V dog, Wild Earth  existed.  The companies mentioned and several other companies have copied our example, but we are certain we offer unparalleled pet food products and animal care services that set us apart from the entire pet food industry and healthcare industry and not just our vegan vegetarian competitors.   

From our very beginning, Evolution Diet has been totally dedicated to making a better world for all who live.  We will not be and are not planning to be rich for our products and services, but we know we have made and are making a better world that so desperately need to improve.  Why else would we have the dedication to experiment and develop new low cost life saving nutrient compounds for disease and offer free assessments and consulting services with no cost follow ups for our clients? No other pet food company does this and certainly we make no profit or a tiny profit providing this cutting edge nutrient compound technology for disease.  We have been here to help our clients during the transition to our foods and afterwords for the entire lives of their cats and dogs both with foods, nutrient compounds for disease with free assessments and consultations using Evolution Pet Foods and Nutrient Compounds for disease for well over 2 decades.  We only suggest little or no chemical drugs be used with our life saving compounds. Evolution is the only pet food company we know of in the world that offers this dedication and has thousands of hours of reviewing studies, experimenting, reviewing both veterinary and human physical findings, hematology, x-rays, MRI's, biopsies, etc. and over 30 years of experience with both non humans and humans to do so. We do charge a small amount for our state authorized registered healthcare practice.       

Dozens of studies on plant-based nutrition of cats and dogs have been conducted by universities and other institutions over the past several decades. Much is known about effects of plant ingredients on health of animals, digestion and absorption of nutrients. These studies point to the same general conclusion: carefully balanced, nutritionally complete formulas are beneficial to cats and dogs. In fact, several issues associated with feeding commercial meat-poultry -fish based food disappear after transitioning to plant-based (such as allergies, hypertension, etc.). At Evolution Diet, we use others research and our own studies to formulate and improve our products, such as Maximum Life Non GMO (LINK) Gourmet Fondue (LINK).and Ultra LIfe Organic Cat - Dog Foods 

We manufacture our products in the USA, and use only high-quality, clean ingredients grown in the US and Canada. To learn more about ingredients that go into our products, please see our Ingredients page. [LINK]

100% Plant Protein - Plant Oil, Vegan, Ethical Company

Evolution Diet is the internationally awarded world leader of the pet food industry and an integral part of the vegan movement representing the values of veganism.  A 100% vegan company, we produce only plant-based, ethical products with minimal environmental footprint and meet NRC and AAFCO requirements for cats and dogs of all life stages. This and our free health consulting service set us apart from all other vegan pet food companies as well as those that still make flesh pet food products along with their vegetarian formulas. We also support local and national no kill sanctuaries, animal rights groups and impoverished individuals with free food donations, funding and health care.

Our world is in both a mental and climate crisis.  We are absolutely convinced that only our vegan movement can prevent the total meltdown of what we call civilization and our planet. Our vegan movement is the only real buffer stopping continued terror, mutilation and genocide of all animal life on our planet.  You can help too, by adopting a plant-based diet for yourself and your companion animal. We know it works – from research, experience and numerous testimonials of dog and cat guardians who feed plant-based products to their furry brothers and sisters. Transitioning is easy and rewarding, and we will guide you every step of the way though health and sickness.


Evolution Diet Mission Statement

Evolution Diet formulas are the ONLY Plant Protein - Plant Oil Based Cat Dog Foods formulated to meet or exceed NRC and AFFCO Nutrient Profile Requirements For All Life Stages without adding any dangerous chemical preservatives. We do this because our intention is to provide the very best health and very longest life of Cats & Dogs eating our products. We believe that by employing World Leading Animal Nutritionists to design our products and the very best ingredients, we offer unparalleled performance compared to all Vegan – Vegetarian – Meat, Poultry and Fish Based Pet Foods made anywhere on the Planet.