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EVOLUTION DIETare the World’s Most Awarded Pet Foods & Nutrient Compounds for Disease. 

They are recognized for Excellence, Scientific Achievement & Highest Integrity.


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Fondue Cheesy Flavour

Maximum Life

Ultra Life


trusted formula for 30 years


non-GMO oats, maize, soybeans, pea protein, potato etc.

$2.23/lb (based on 40 lb bag)

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Multiple non-GMO ingredients

released in 2017

grain and gluten-free

sunflower seeds, pea protein, soybeans etc.

$3.05/lb (based on 40 lb bag)

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Multiple Organic and non-GMO ingredients

released in 2018

grain and gluten-free

sunflower seeds, pea protein, soybeans etc.

$3.45/lb (based on 40 lb bag)

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We donate

Evolution Diet donates to different organizations that dedicate their activity to saving animals, respectful and compassionate treatment of animals, spreading information about veganism, animal rights protection and ethical research. Here are some of the organizations we support by donations:

1. United Poultry Concerns

2. Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden

3. Jewish Veg Society

4. Animal Rights Coalition

5. Rooster Redemption Animal Sanctuary

6. Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine

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Eric Weisman, CAHP, NCEP, CEO, Holistic Practitioner, Evolution Health Sciences – Evolution Diet Pet Food, trained scientist, former human physician provides Supplement Compound Technology Applications for Internal Disease in Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, other Non-Humans & Humans.  E. Weisman uses compounds made from botanicals, vitamins, protein isolates, fruit-seed extracts, minerals and does not use pharmaceuticals for the most part.  E. Weisman is an empiricist – scientist and health care practitioner but does not run a medically qualified veterinary practice that depends on chemical drugs or surgery.  He has reviewed much research literature, conducted 100’s of experiments & worked in 1000’s of Cat-Dog, other Non-Human & Human Cases for over 25 Years.  E. Weisman provides supplement applications for Human Disease & is registered with the Minnesota Dept. of Health.