Helping animals is our way of life

When you are purchasing Evolution products, you are not only providing your cat and dog with healthy, high quality nutrition, you are supporting a kind and compassionate family who dedicates their life and lifestyle to helping animals in need. 
At Evolution Diet, science meets compassion. Not only do we put animal welfare first, we do so in a responsible way. We use current scientific knowledge of plant-based animal nutrition to create healthy vegan formulas that we feed to animals in our care. We feed products that we developed to animals that we help, and this makes our company unique. We don't only rescue and help animals, but we do so in a way that doesn't harm farm animals or the planet.
Over the years, we have helped countless neglected, lost, and abused dogs and cats. We cared for them and helped them find permanent homes. We also help injured wildlife like squirrels, geese, opossums, etc.
Our plant-based pet food products don't only feed our animals, they enable thousands of families to lead compassionate lives by providing healthy nutrition to animals in their homes.

By supporting Evolution Diet, you are helping all animals that need your love and compassion.

Here are some animals we have helped over the years:


A local vet clinic asked us to take this dog. She was successfully adopted out and is still alive today! This was back in 2006.

Dusty and his Friends.

These three are  with us now. Dusty rescued from two hoarders and Sunny  (Red cat) whose owner died. Dusty is about 6 years old now and Sunny was an old farm cat he could be 20 years old now! We are not quite sure how old exactly.

Rusty and Precious.

Rusty and Precious no longer with us. Rusty died at 21 years old.

Our Cats.

This was back in 2007. Cats loving their Evolution.  All Rescues from various situations.

We love all our animals!

We save cats and dogs and give the best care we can. 

One of our customers picking up pet food at our location.

Be kinder!
Take care of yourself and loved ones!
Love everyone!
With best regards,
Eric and Lynn Weisman