Allergy is one of the most common problems in pets.

One of the most common types of allergy is a food allergy. Symptoms of food allergy may include skin conditions, itching and upset stomach, which may lead to diarhea and weight loss.

If you notice an allergy in your dog, it may be linked to meat protein, which can be found in poultry, beef, milk products and eggs.

Plant-based diet may significantly alleviate the symptoms of food allergy in dogs and cats. It is a good hypoallergenic alternative for those dogs and cats that have allergies to meat proteins.

In majority of cases, animals easily digest the new diet and enjoy its taste.

Plant-based food contains all the necessary ingredients for health of your dog and cat. It does not contain GMO ingredents, lactose or gluten.

Plant-based food allows for better absorption of nutrients and mineral, while meat-based food requires more energy resources for its digestion.

What can we do when a dog or cat exhibits an allergy to specific plant ingredients, such as potato, etc., or when they refuse to eat the new diet?

In these cases, you can prepare home meals from ingredients that do not cause allergic reaction in your pet. It’s important to properly balance these meals, so they contain all the nutrients that the animal needs.

Supplements that were formulated specifically for home made meals for dogs and cats will add all the required nutrients, minerals and vitamins to the food. They will also make the food smell good and increase its palatability.

According to the veterinarian Dr. May, the recent increase in cancer, kidney diseas and other degenerative diseases in our pets may be linked to harmful ingredeints found in many meat-based commercial foods. On the other hand, plant-based products do not contain these ingredients, do not contain GMO and contain organic ingredients.

Many dogs and cats prefer our food, and here are several reviews from their guardians:

Choose hypoallergenic, healthy food for your beloved cats and dogs, which not only alleviates allergies but also prolongs their lives!

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