Cats can by fussy. Making them eat is often a challenge. Making them drink more water, is even a bigger challenge!

To keep your dog's or cat's body hydrated, to improve its digestion and urinary function, we recommend to add water to dry kibble. However, cats not always like wet food. So what to do in this case?​

One trick that does wonders is to soak the kibble partially, and add NUTRITIONAL YEAST. Leave the kibble to soak overnight WITH the nooch, and as a result, the food won’t be so wet and will taste even better!​ 

We also recommend to sprinkle yeast on your cat’s/dog’s food if they are in the process of transitioning, especially if they are picky eaters.

This is why we have created 3 special flavorings to make food irresistible!

Vegan Chic'n Cheesy Flavoring
Pure Vegan Cheese Flavor
Vegan Aged Cheddar

Pets go crazy about the flavorings!

These flavorings are made with a special variety of nutritional yeast, and are not your typical flaked nutritional yeast from the health store.

Moreover, this product has some health benefits. It is a natural source of B-vitamins, protein and chromium.It also helps pets to become less prone to fleas.

Try Evolution Diet's NUTRITIONAL YEAST for your companion animal!




Best vegan wishes, 

Evolution Diet Team

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31 May, 2021


Is this available in the U.K.

02 March, 2021

Patty Sobczak

Interested in learning more about vegan pet food

11 February, 2021



11 February, 2021



11 February, 2021



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