Planet Sustainability is a HUGE issue. With over 8 Billion of us, now is the time to make a change. We are at a critical turning point which will determine the fate of future generations. Due in large part to human impact, we are facing record levels of climate and ecological catastrophe brought on by the destruction of forests, the release of toxic pollutants, and large scale factory farming to name a few. 
Factory Farming must stop. Our planet is too fragile to handle the 8 Billion humans who consume an estimated 70 billion animals each year, and this number is quickly growing. Gases and runoff from these operations poison our air and water, and the agriculture used to raise these animals is destroying our soil. For each pound of beef produced, an estimated 10 pounds of feed is needed. Not to mention the cruel mistreatment of these animals and the diseases spread through poor living conditions, factory farming is a ticking time bomb with dire consequences.
This Earth Day, we would like to remind you to make every day Earth Day. By choosing plant based over meat based pet food, you are making a huge impact on the planet as well as each other. Studies show that Humans and Animals live on average 25-35% longer by eating a plant based diet! By eating plant based you are also using an estimated 80-90% less land mass and water to support your diet. Plant based diets also do not produce CO2, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide like factory farms do. Instead they create fresh oxygen!
Be proactive to create a greener future. Plan or join a local cleanup, buy things reusable or with recyclable or compostable packaging, use power efficient appliances, install solar panels, turn off the lights, switch from gas to electric, do not use poisonous chemicals inside or outside and plant some trees. These are only some of the things we can do to make an impact. Every little bit helps, and only together can we turn our planet into a paradise for all life.
From everyone at Evolution, thank you for your effort to help create a sustainable future.



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