Water is life and adequate hydration is ultra-important for cats & dogs on a vegan diet.

Not everyone knows, but water can help your dog and cat in at least 5 ways! And there is one tangible bonus of using water with your pets for You!

Water is critical for keeping your furry friend away from urinary issues, so read carefully.

In this article we also explain how to make MOIST kibble from dry food and offer a recipe  to trick any fussy eater to eat it.

Adding water to dry kibble has the following 5 advantages for Cats & Dogs:

  • Advantage # 1 - Improved Urinary health - we know that bladders are 'happier' with more water flowing through them, which helps to flush out debris (mucus, cells, crystals) and keep the urine diluted. Diluted urine is thought to be less irritating to the bladder wall. There are far less urinary problems with cats fed wet food, than cats eating dry food. Providing adequate hydration(through moistened kibble)is the key. We recommend using Distilled water (see explanation below).

  • Advantage # 2 - Higher Release of Nutrients - to release the full nutritional value of the kibble you need to add water so that it's easier to absorb the nutrients. Evolution Diet offers the 'condensed' formulas meaning nutrients are densely packed in kibble and to “extract” the most nutrients we advise to add water. In water kibble acts as a sponge and absorbs water. This makes them a lot easier to digest and more nutrients stay in the body.

  • Advantage # 3 - Better Water Intake - Increasing water intake is especially crucial for cats who tend not to drink enough water, but dogs can be poor drinkers too. Staying hydrated for pets is just as important as for humans!

  • Advantage # 4 - Easier Chewing - Kibble is hard, and some pets may have problems with chewing it (senior dogs for example), and they end up swallowing the whole pieces that may cause digestive problems and other health issues. Moistened kibbles can also make the chewing process easier for senior dogs & puppies.

  • Advantage # 5 - Reduce “Food Vacuuming” - Sometimes it may seem that your dog (especially large breeds) “vacuums” the food! Speed eating might be the cause of health problem such as bloat. Adding water can help your pet slow down and avoid potentially serious tummy troubles.

There is one considerable benefit to your wallet as well:

  • Better Economy - ideal solution to hydrating your pet is giving wet food in cans, but canned food can be quite expensive compared to dry kibble. An easy solution is adding water to dry kibble, which makes the kibble expand in size and it becomes more filling to your companion, and she gets satiated on less food. For example, if you normally give 1 cup of dry kibble per meal, then when you feed moist kibble you can start with 2/3 of a cup. After adding water, the kibble will expand in size. Nutrient-wise - more of that kibble will get absorbed by the body so even though you are giving less kibble, more nutrients are absorbed. As a result, you are saving one-third of a cup per feeding and your pet gets all required nutrients. Observe how the body weight of your dog or cat changes and adjust the amount accordingly.

Why Distilled Water?a>


Distilled Water makes urine more acidic, and acidified urine kills bacteria and other organisms.  Distilled water elevates urine acidity and at the  same time is a stronger solvent than tap water, filtered water, alkaline water or reverse osmosis water.

Through many years of study, was found that distilled water is ideal for cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, mice, shrews, turtles and humans.

The results of the studies on distilled water are conclusive: longer healthier safer living cats and other mammals on distilled water vs. ALL other types of water provided there is adequate calcium and magnesium in the food or supplements being fed to the respective subject. 

Cats in general have a very high rate of urinary Tract Failure of Kidney Failure so using distilled water helps to reduce toxicity in the body by acting as solvent removing disease causing entities like heavy metals, chemicals and drugs from the body, and at the same time increases blood and urine acidity which helps kill off foreign bacteria in the urinary tract.  

During observation and research, it was found that distilled water has worked the best, while Reverse Osmosis has been the second best. That's because it is more acid neutral than the Distilled Water and with higher levels of Calcium and Magnesium but also a higher risk of urinary tract disease. 

Please use Distilled water for everyday drinking as well as for adding to kibble.


add water to vegan dog food for proper hydration


  • Start by using a lower amount of dry food (20%-30% less than usual)

  • Add water 1:1 ratio (1-part kibble to 1-part water)

    • we recommend using Distilled water

Let stand for 30-60 min  and you’ll have great moist food.

After the meal, we also recommend adding several dry kibbles to help scrape plaque off the teeth.


Cats and dogs (especially cats) can by fussy. Making them eat moistened kibble is sometimes a challenge.

One trick is to soak the kibble partially, and to add NUTRITIONAL YEAST. Leave the kibble to soak overnight in the fridge and the food won’t be so wet and will taste great! ​ 

We also recommend sprinkling nutritional yeast on top of moistened kibble.

There are different nutritional yeast flavourings and we created 3 very special flavours to make food irresistible!

Pets go crazy about the flavorings!

These flavorings are made from a special variety of nutritional yeast and are not your typical flaked nutritional yeast from the health store. Moreover, this product has some health benefits. It is a natural source of B-Vitamins, protein, and chromium. It also helps pets to become less prone to fleas.


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Say YESin the comment if your pet consumes enough water! And let us know any of your tricks!

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Comments (7 Responses)

23 February, 2021

Angela Bontempo

Great advise! I’ve been sitting distilled for treats now averse some research on why one of my cats kept suffering from UTI’s. The distilled water and changing her food from Ian’s to organic food did the trick. She hasn’t had an infection in 4 years!

Tip: Since cats and dogs typically would eat warm flesh in the wild, I slowly add in bits of hot water to warm their wet and food. Works like a charm. Who wants to eat cold food from the can or fridge? Haha.

Thanks for the great food!

11 February, 2021

Evolution Diet Team

Eriyah, thank you for your question.
We added information about distilled water.
Please, learn more https://petfoodshop.com/blogs/news/moist-kibble-for-better-health#distilledwater

11 February, 2021



11 February, 2021



11 February, 2021


Why do you recommend distilled water? Is this a veterinary consulted recommendation?

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