It may seem like a difficult task, but switching your dog or cat from a meat-based diet to a complete and balanced plant-based one is nothing to worry about. The good news is that it can be done very easily over a period of two weeks. While some sensitive animals may need longer time and extra care, vast majority of cats and dogs of all ages and sizes do very well when transitioned with the proper guidelines.


Start With a Sample Pack

Get one of our sample packs to get you started. These value packs contain samples of our products, and you will be able to see which ones are the best fit with your companion animal. 

Sample Pack for Dogs

Sample Pack for Cats

Transition Gradually

Once you tried samples and decided which product works best with your animal, you can start transitioning. Gradual transition is the key to success, as it will give the body the time it needs to adapt to the new food. We recommend transitioning over a two-week period.

To get your dog or cat started, mix 1 part plant-based food with 4 parts of their current food. Gradually increase the proportion of the plant-based product until you only feed 100% plant-based meals at the end of two weeks. Add some water to soften the kibble, and be sure to always have a clean bowl of water available. 

For Picky Eaters

While most transitions to a plant-based diet go smoothly, some cats and dogs may need more time and extra care during this period. Your pet may not like the taste of the novel food right away. If this is the case, we recommend adding nutritional yeast to the plant-based product (1 tsp. yeast : 1 cup of vegan food).

Our nutritional yeast flavoring is a special strain of nutritional yeast designed for cats and dogs. Cultivated from special strains of mold, which in fact are quite different from your typical flaky nutritional yeast found in health stores, this product is absolutely delicious to companion animals. Pets love the cheesy flavor and go absolutely crazy about it!

In addition in flavor enhancement, our yeast has important health benefits. It contains complex water soluble vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9 to support the nervous system. It is also a natural source of chromium and high quality protein. 


After the Switch

Once the transition is complete, you will start seeing the benefits of complete and balanced plant-based diet in your pet. You might see health problems disappear, coat and breath improve, increase in energy level and overall well-being. You’ll know that you did the right thing for your pet and for the planet.


Our Products

Evolution Diet offers high quality 100% vegan products for cats and dogs, nutritionally complete for all life stages (growing, adult and senior). We take nutrition of cats and dogs very seriously and formulate our products in accordance with AAFCO nutritional standards and research on plant-based pet food. Visit our blog page for information on vegan pet nutrition, nutrients and ingredients, urinary health, etc., to learn about the science behind our products.

Learn About Vegan Pet Nutrition

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Notice: E. Weisman, CAHP, multiple international prize-winning scientist, empiricist, former graduate human physician pioneered and provides Nutrient Compound Applications for Internal Disease (cancers, infectious disease & organ failures) in Non-Humans & Humans including Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Horses, Reptiles, others & Humans. E. Weisman developed and uses nutrient compounds made up of nutrients, botanicals, vitamins, protein isolates, fruit-seed extracts, minerals and does not use pharmaceuticals for the most part. E. Weisman is an empiricist – scientist and state authorized health care practitioner that does not run a medically qualified veterinary practice depending on chemical drugs or surgery for the most part. He has reviewed much research literature, conducted 100’s of experiments & worked in 1000’s of Cat-Dog, other Non-Human & Human Cases for over 25 Years. He has also spent thousands of hours caring for, treating and training 100’s of rescued pets he has looked after over the past 28 years. As mentioned, E. Weisman provides nutrient compound applications for Human Disease. E. Weisman has available sworn statements from satisfied clients that document the efficiency of the nutrient compounds he has developed for cancers and other diseases for both Non-Human and Human subjects. He is both authorized & registered with the Minnesota Dept. of Health. Cancers are leading causes of death in Humans, Dogs and Cats. Why is this? Call Evolution Diet Health Sciences for a free assessment & consultation at 651-228-0632

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