By Eric Weisman, CAHP, NCAP, Internationally awarded scientist - empiricist – healthcare practitioner intermittent years 2013 through 2021 for developing and applying life saving nutrient botanical compound assistance and tissue repair for cancers, vascular – heart – brain disorders, inflammatory joint and skin disorders in both Non Humans and Humans and designing developing Plant Protein Cat - Dog Ferret foods.

Greetings to animal lovers! My name is Eric Weisman. I am a scientist and a healthcare practitioner. I run 2 state of MN separately authorized healthcare practices: one is for humans and one that is for non humans. I have worked in hundreds of cases of cats and dogs having urinary tract failures, infectious diseases and cancers over the past 25 years.

One of the biggest problems that I have identified is tap water which is often highly contaminated with heavy metals minerals and drug and chemical residuals. Also chemically contaminated pet foods, drugs and chemicals used by veterinarians and medical doctors on and in pets, homes and lawns gardens and humans. They can be dangerous and even deadly for pets, humans and outdoor animals even when gov. agencies and doctors say they are safe.  

If you are a guardian to a cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, gerbil or a mouse, please read the information below. The following are tips for providing long and healthy lives to your companion animals while preventing urinary tract failure.

I hope this information will become useful in your household. 

1. We use distilled water with all our cats and dogs, and this is what I recommend in all cases to our clients and customers.  Distilled water that you make with a table top water distiller or purchase through a water service that brings it to your door or buy at the grocery store is the ideal solution for cats like you are describing.

2. The other necessary step is to clean the cat box or boxes every day and remove all fecal matter and coagulated litter and spray remaining litter in box with hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle while shaking the litter to kill bacteria from removed fecal matter still in cat box.

3. Keep floors, seating surfaces and counter tops cleaned with a mild soap or sweep first and then vacuum at least once per week to remove excessive dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria, and other disease causing pathogens you may be tracking in with your shoes.

4. Avoid spaces treated with chemicals. We have run a Cat-Dog-Rabbit-Ferret-Mouse-Shrew-Turtle Rescue for over 27 years and I have worked thousands of cases with clients. We keep all our cats inside except for a very rare occasion, and this helps because you never know what they are going to eat or chemicals they contact when they are outside.

5. We use a Veken electric water fountain or other type of electric fountains for cats and ferrets that I clean at least 2 times per week. And of course I use distilled water and clean the filter before putting the device back on the counter or floor. The fountain encourages cats to drink more water and clear pathogens including heavy metals, drugs and minerals out of their systems. I make sure that all non-electric water bowls for Cat-Dog-Ferret guests are cleaned every day to remove mold and bacteria that accumulate in and on them.

6. If the cat or cats will eat moistened dry food, add 1/2 part distilled water to 1 part Evolution Dry Kibble Food and let the food sit for at least 30min before serving. I add some dry kibble to clean their teeth and gums. Moistened kibble is a better way to serve cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, etc., because it is less of challenge for their digestive tract and their immune systems for absorption and utilization.

7. We only use bottled lemon juice in a spray bottle for pest repellent. ALWAYS COVER PET’S EYES WHEN USING THIS METHOD. Cat/dog chemical-drug pesticides can be not only dangerous or deadly for your pet, but also for you and your human family members. For healthiest and safest lives of our cats, dogs, ferrets, gerbils, pet rats, rabbits, pet mice, turtles. We NEVER  USE ANY CHEMICAL OR PHARMACEUTICAL TOXIC PESTICIDE even when recommended by a DVM like Frontline, Advantix, Seresto, Frontline, Cedarcide on or in any of our rescue pets. Over the past 31 years we have heard from so many of our clients and customers that their cats, dogs, ferrets and pet rodents have been poisoned by these drugs and chemicals we stopped using them forever.

8. We do not use any vaccines that are not legally requiredand we have used a veterinary titer tests to exclude the necessity of required rabies vaccines. Several of our customers and clients have had their dogs and cats poisoned by vaccines and some vaccines have led to premature death as a result including our oldest dog Rusty who died almost immediately after being vaccinated when we told the DVM not to vaccinate him. 

9. We never use any household, lawn or garden insecticides, pesticides or herbicides even when approved by veterinarians, the FDA, or Canadian Ministry of Health or any other gov. agency.  From many years of reviewing cat, dog, ferret, rabbit blood test reports we are convinced there are no safe household, lawn or garden chemicals even when approved by gov. agencies.

Yes: 20-25 year old cats and dogs are possible. If you want the best chance of having a 20-25 year old cats and dogs, add the above measures to Evolution Diet Pet Foods and especially our Ultra Life Organic Cat–Dog Food and Extra Moist Canned Cat–Dog Food: you should get exceptional results.

We have 3 special sprinkle on flavors for more difficult cats, dogs and ferrets to feed: Vegan Cheese Flavoring, Vegan Chik'n Flavoring and Vegan Aged Cheddar Flavoring.

You can also use distilled water to our dry kibble foods which also helps prevent urinary tract stones, crystals and failure.

We offer free assessments and consults by phone at 651-228-0632 and we explain to people how to safely treat their cats using our life-saving internationally awarded nutrient botanical compounds for the most part instead of drugs and surgery.  

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