by Eric Weisman, CAHP, NCAP, Internationally awarded scientist - empiricist – healthcare practitioner intermittent years 2013 through 2021 for developing and applying life saving nutrient botanical compound assistance and tissue repair for cancers, vascular – heart – brain disorders, inflammatory joint and skin disorders in both Non Humans and Humans and designing developing Plant Protein Cat - Dog Ferret foods (authorized by the state of MN).


Thank you so much for helping our Animal Liberation - Vegan Mission.  Without people like ourselves there would be no chance for our non - human brothers and sisters, our planet and our human civilization to survive. Never forget how important our mission is.  We are the life-line for our planet. 

The following are tips for long and healthy lives of Cats, Ferrets, Dogs, Rabbits, Rats, Gerbils and Mice.

If you are a guardian to a Cat, Dog, Ferret, Rabbit, Gerbil or a Mouse, please read information below. These tips will save you money and time and add years to your animal's life. Please share this information with others. Kidney failure and cancer are a common cause of death in animals fed commercial products. This is a result of pesticides & herbicides in the food, added chemical preservatives and chemicals, and heavy metals in tap water.  

Here are some health tips that we have developed to prolong lives of cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals that we have cared for in our little sanctuary. I hope these tips will become useful in your household. 


1. We always use distilled water for drinking and for mixing with dry kibble food, because it works to remove debris from the urinary tracts.
2. We clean cat, ferret and dog teeth daily. This prevents tooth and gum infection. Many people believe that dry food has the advantage of cleaning animals' teeth (because it's not as soft as wet food), but the evidence is slim. The best solution is regular dental cleanings, regardless of what kind of food you're serving. Eating kibble does not keep your pet's teeth clean, no more than us eating potato chips to keep our teeth clean. Just like on our teeth, plaque (a bacterial film) and tartar (mineralized plaque) can accumulate on your cat's/dog's teethDaily brushing can help remove plaque, but a professional teeth cleaning performed by your veterinarian is necessary to remove tartar above and, more importantly, below the gum line.There are some good dental gels you can use daily, such as vegan dental gel Petzlife. These gels contain enzymes that kill the germs which cause tartar build-up, tooth decay and gum disease. You'll have to apply it to your animal's teeth daily using a special finger applicator or your finger, but you won't need to use a brush.

3. We avoid chemical drugs - pharmaceutical, pesticides and all vaccines, except when absolutely necessary. All vaccines contain toxic compounds such as mercury, aluminum and contaminated animal blood. We don't use antibiotics and insulin, except when it's absolutely necessary.

4. We use bottled lemon juice in a spray bottle as a safe tick, flea and mosquito repellant for cats, dogs and ferrets. We spray their bodies  2 – 3 times per week, making sure that their eyes are covered during this application. This treatment can also prevent intestinal worms, Lyme disease, fleas, ticks, mosquito bites and other illnesses.  

5. We keep our Cats and Ferrets indoor and avoid lawns treated with chemicals with Dogs at all times.  

6. We only use vegan pet foods that have no chemical preservatives or chemical mold inhibitors. We encourage you to use Evolution Ultra Life Plant Protein Pet Foods, because they are the most chemically free pet foods on the planet.
7. We only use safe, clean, plant-based pet foods that are 100% complete for all life stages, according to the NRC and AAFCO nutrient requirements.

8. We use continuous or intermittent, automatic electric water fountains (Veken) for cats and ferrets, to entice them to drink more distilled water. This helps clear their kidneys and urinary tracts of debris and crystal-forming minerals. We have found that this drinking method prevents kidney failure and urinary tract blockage.

9. We add Vitamin C (250 - 500 mg ascorbic acid) and cranberry powder(100-200 mg) to every cat's daily meal, along with sodium saccharine or stevia (to compensate for the sour taste or bitterness of Vitamin C). This lowers pH level, increases acidity in cats' urine and prevents crystal & stone formation. We also add nutritional yeast product to the food to encourage our animals to eat plant-based food; you may also add a little stevia or saccharine to our cheesy flavoring. We offer these supplements with a 20% off discount and free shipping with food.

10. If your animal is picky and will not eat moistened Evolution Diet product, consider adding taste enhancers like nutritional yeast, Evolution Vegan Cheesy Chic’n Flavor, Evolution Pure Cheesy Flavor and added Vegetable Oil and / or added Earth Balance Vegan Margarine. We use combinations of these flavors for our picky animals, and add fresh shredded raw vegetables. We have found that nutritional yeast added to the food prevents fleas and ticks. 

11. Adding a 1/2 level teaspoon of fresh ground organic flax seed (that you grind yourself) for every 10 lb. of body weight will reduce itching and internal inflammation in Cats, Dogs and Ferrets. If you want to pre-grind organic flax seed for future use, always put the ground flax seed in an airtight plastic container and freeze it between uses. Grind flax seed with an electric coffee grinder, making sure no coffee gets mixed with the flax seed.  Not only is flax seed anti-inflammatory, but it is also an insulin uptake nutrient that helps reduce insulin requirements in diabetic cats, dogs, ferrets and others, including humans.

12. If you hydrate the Evolution Diet kibble, it is best to use 1/2 part distilled water to 1 part dry kibble foodand let it stand in a sealed refrigerated container for 16 hours and up to 3 days. Hydrated Evolution Diet dry dibble will ferment at 16 hours and offer the advantages of raw food by developing their own probiotic flora.

13. Cleaning cat boxes every day and spraying left-over litter in the cat box with hydrogen peroxide keeps Kitties safer and bacteria free. We use plain clay litter because it is chemically free, which we have found to be best for longest living Cats and Ferrets. 

14. Play with your animals daily. For cats and ferrets, use a stick with a rope and a fake stuffed fish or mouse attached to the small rope. Get the cat or ferret to attack it repeatedly and pull the fake animal away. A half an hour a day is best, but do what you can do to keep all pets exercised and healthy.  

Evolution Diet has never used added chemical preservatives to its products.

We make our dry kibble foods every 3 – 8 weeks, to ensure it's always fresh. This is especially important for vitamins and herbal preservatives. You might be surprised to know that chemical preservatives in pet foods do not have to be disclosed on ingredient labels, according to the FDA requirements. For this reason, no pet food companies disclose them even though they exist the food and cause cancers. Evolution Diet,  however, is proud not to use chemical preservatives.

Please ask your local stores to purchase Evolution Diet products. You will be able to purchase our product locally and save money on shipping, at the same time saving animal lives.


 Client Questions

Client Question 1:  I bought a Veken Water Fountain for my Cat. Can you please let me know how often you replace the distilled water and clean the filter? I'm also interested in helping the planet, so I don't want to go through so many bottles of distilled water and filters if not necessary. An advertisement said because of the filter, continuous flow, and 2.5 L capacity, you only have to replace the water every month. Could that be true? I only have one kitten. 

Answer 1:  Unfortunately, you cannot believe this claim. The machine and filter should be cleaned and distilled water should be replaced 2 times per week, because mold and bacteria will develop quickly in this device. A water fountain is better than a stand out water dish, though, which should be cleaned and refilled every day.   


Client Question 2: I scoop my plain clay litter every day and then add some more litter on top.  How often do you completely replace ALL the litter?  And do you find that wetting the litter with hydrogen peroxide impacts anything? I also find that the clay litter irritates my nostrils/skin from the dust.  Can you suggest any alternatives? 

Answer 2: You can switch to wood shred litter and the advantage is that wood shred litter can be washed and reused, but after it washed, it has to be hand squeeze dried and put over plastic or steel mesh for a quick final dry which takes about 1 and half days. Of course, you can also throw out the wood shred litter as you use it, but you will go through a lot of shredded wood litter even with one Cat.   

Important note about antibiotics and vaccinations

When I discuss the use of antibiotics and vaccines, I only use them when I deem them to be absolutely required or necessary. I am likely to use conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics when dealing with urinary tract infections, respiratory infections and systemic infections in addition to nutrient compounds.  I only use vaccines when required by law because they contain animal blood residuals, mercury and aluminum, which can cause abnormal reactions and premature death (both of which have been reported to me by clients that have lost their own beloved pets due to vaccine reactions). I also lost my 21 year old dog to death caused by a vaccine, after a veterinarian refused to listen to my assertion and vaccinated anyway.  My 21 year Rusty Medium Sized Dachshund started to die immediately after he was incorrectly vaccinated.  


Notice: E. Weisman, CAHP, multiple international award-winning scientist, empiricist, former graduate human physician, invented and pioneered Evolution Nutrient Compound Applications for Internal Disease (cancers, infectious disease & organ failures) in Non-Humans & Humans including Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Horses, Reptiles, others & Humans. E. Weisman developed and uses nutrient compounds made up of nutrients, botanicals, vitamins, protein isolates, fruit-seed extracts, minerals and does not use pharmaceuticals for the most part. E. Weisman is an empiricist – scientist and state authorized health care practitioner that does not run a medically qualified veterinary practice depending on chemical drugs or surgery for the most part. He has reviewed much research literature, conducted 100’s of experiments & worked in 1000’s of Cat-Dog, other Non-Human & Human Cases for over 25 Years. He has also spent thousands of hours caring for, treating and training 100’s of rescued pets he has looked after over the past 28 years. As mentioned, E. Weisman also provides nutrient compound applications for Human Disease. E. Weisman has available sworn statements from satisfied clients that document the effectiveness of the nutrient compounds he has developed for cancers and other diseases for both Non-Human and Human subjects. He is both authorized & registered with the Minnesota Dept. of Health. Cancers are leading causes of death in Humans, Dogs and Cats. Why is this? Call Evolution Diet Health Sciences for a free assessment & consultation at 651-228-0632

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