Preventing or reducing inflammation in your cat, dog or in humans can be done by using natural remedies with significant health benefits and no chemical drug side effects.

 FlaxseedFlaxseed can be used to reduce and prevent inflammation in cats and dogs

Add 1 level teaspoon of fresh ground flax seed to each pet food meal per 10 lbs of pet per day.  

You may also use ½  level teaspoon of  frozen flax oil per 10 lbs body wt. per day to food. 

Do not use pre-ground flax seed because the omega-3 will be oxidized and have no benefit as in Missing Link and other pre-ground flax seed and oil products.

Always use freshly ground whole flax seed and keep the rest of bag and residuals frozen between use to maintain highest amount of omega-3 content.

Fresh ground flax seed has the added advantage of containing lignin fiber, which reduces blood sugar by increasing the sensitivity of cell membranes to insulin-linked blood sugar, thus reducing tendency for diabetes in cats dogs and humans.

Turmeric Turmeric can be used to prevent and reduce inflammation in cats and dogs Add turmeric to your pet’s food in the amount of 1/8th level teaspoon per 10 lb body wt. day to food.
Ginger Ginger can be used to reduce or prevent inflammations in cats and dogs Add ginger 1/8 level teaspoon per 10 lb body wt. per day to food.
Stevia Stevia can be used to enhance the flavor of dog food and cat food You may want to add an 1/16th to an 1/8th of a teaspoon of stevia natural non nutritive sweetener to your pet’s food to enhance the flavor of seed and herb products added to your pet’s food.

All of the above the above herbs and seeds may be used safely and permanently when mixed in your dog and cat foods without any chemical drug side effects. There are many other more powerful supplement anti-inflammatory vitamins, herbs and minerals.

Call us if you would like to more about their use and effectiveness. Go to your veterinarian or MD and / or call us if you need further assistance at 1-800-659-0104

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