The Answer To Stopping the Killing of Millions of Unwanted – Homeless Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Pet Rabbits, Horses, etc. every year across the U.S., Canada & hopefully the entire World.


EVERY YEAR IN THE U.S. AND CANADA MILLIONS OF HOMELSS AND UNWANTED CATS, DOGS, FERRETS AND OTHER PETS ARE GASSED OR INJECTED WITH POISONS TO KILL THEM.   HERE IS THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM ACROSS THE U.S. - CANADA & HOPEFULLY THE REST OF THE WORLD. City - County COUNCIL MEMBERS (Politicians) allow people to keep breeding Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Mink, Rabbits, etc. when Millions of Pets are being gassed-poisoned-shredded - killed yearly because they have no homes. All people that buy Pets should be immediately registered with the City - County by Breeder - Seller AS A required law. Veterinarians should be required to spay and neuter ALL PETS unless a special $1500.00 City or County Breeding License Fee is paid to the City or County YEARLY to allow breeding Cat-Dog Breeding. Breeders - Politicians and a lack of compassion, caring and a Breeder License Law are the problem! A $1500.00 Breeding License Law should be required across the U.S. and Canada to help stop breeding and killing of homeless Pets. The $1500.00 Yearly Breeding Fee will bring veterinarians more Neuter - Spay Business and less euthanizing killing business and of course reduce City County Kill Shelter Killing! The Yearly $1500.00 Breeding License Payment Law would also make it less likely people would get in the business of breeding unwanted Pets. PLEASE GO TO CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS & TELL CITY COUNCIL POLITICIANS, THE CITY NEEDS TO STOP UNWANTED PET BREEDING, THEREBY REDUCING CRUELTY TO ANIMALS & MAKE MORE MONEY FROM PET BREEDERS.

A $3000.00 Penalty for Pet Breeders that do not pay the yearly $1500.00 License Fee and the $3000.00 Penalty Fee should be annually cumulative:  If the Pet Breeder does not pay the License Fee, then a Full $3000.00 would be added to the Misdemeanor Penalty For A Lack of License Payment for each Year The License is or was not paid for.


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