It has recently come to our attention that small white fragments have been spotted in our canned food, particularly Extra Life Organic. Here is an update for all concerned on our testing results.

Due to the fragments being extremely small and breaking up somewhat easily, they have been deemed 100% safe for both cats and dogs. After consulting with a laboratory and having samples tested, we have determined the substance to be a raw mineral form of Calcium/Magnesium which is necessary for the nutrient profile of the food. Due to a manufacturer error, this mineral was not ground up as finely as it should have been. We have also cross-referenced our findings with our manufacturers and confirmed it on their end.

We take things like this very seriously, and those who manufacturer our foods let us know that they will take extra precautions to ensure that the mineral is ground up more finely in the future. Again, although this was a mistake, the mineral pieces to not pose a threat to Cats or Dogs of any age. Our new batch of Extra Life Organic Moist/Canned Food is predicted to arrive in mid-late September and the issue should be resolved.

A big thank you to everyone who sent in reports and helped us to work through the process, as well as your patience in waiting for the analysis results. Here is a copy of the findings. Some sensitive information has been blocked out for security purposes. 

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