Vegan Brands

Extra ingredients Evolution adds to our foods meet or exceed NRC & AAFCO Nutrient Requirements for All Life Stages whereas our competitors do not.  This fact means cats and dogs eating Evolution Diet Best Vegan Cat Food and Evolution Diet Best Vegan Dog Food have the best chance of living longer than on other vegan pet foods:  Especially our Ultra LIfe Organic Vegan Cat Food and our Ultra Life Organic Vegan Dog Food.  We mixed protein sources totaling over 31% (although we guarantee a 30% minimum), including Carnitine, Taurine, DL Methionine, Cranberries,  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, sources of Lysine.  Because we Evolution Dry Kibble Vegan Dog Food and Vegan Cat Food contain at about 20% more protein and fatty acids than all N. American Vegan Cat Food and Vegan Dog Food,  it means that you feed at least 20% less food and pick up at least 20% less fecal matter.    

There are many vegan pet food products on the market, but Evolution has more advantages then virtually all it's competitors and more awards for excellence and scientific achievement than any other pet food company we know of in the world.  We composed a comparison chart to help you show you why Evolution  products are the best Vegan Pet Food and why they will work the best for your situation (see chart below).  The chart below does not contain Ami and Benovo Cat or Dog Foods, and like the all the foods on the chart below, neither Ami or Benevo meet or exceed NRC and AAFCO Nutrient Requirements For All Life Stages of Cats or Dogs like Evolution Diet Pet Foods do. This means that these foods and the foods listed in the comparison chart do not offer the chance for longest and healthiest life that Evolution Diet Pet Foods do.   


  • Evolution Diet makes all dry kibble foods every 3-8 weeks in small batches without any chemical preservatives, so they are always fresh and toxin free.
  • Not a single toxic recall during the entire 30 years of operation 
  • Multiple generations of Cats and Dogs have been successfully raised on Evolution Diet products
  • Evolution Diet spends extra money to make the foods more nutritionally complete and offers 100% compliance with pet food regulations (NRC and AAFCO), and not every vegan brand can state that
    • Evolution Diet Pet Foods are the only conventional, non GMO, organic, grain based and gluten free plant protein vegan Cat – Dog foods made in N. America that are 100% Nutritionally Complete for All Life Stages according to both the Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrient Profile Requirements. No other plant protein pet vegan/vegetarian foods made in the US, Canada or perhaps the world meet these requirements.  Evolution Organic Cat Food and Evolution Organic Dog Food are designed to be the very best pet foods available anywhere in the world.     
  • Better compliance with regulations means longer life expectancy for Cats and Dogs
    • Evolution Diet makes the most nutrient complete plant protein Dog and Cat foods for the healthiest and longest life expectancy of Cats and Dogs of any vegan or vegetarian pet food made in N. America, and perhaps anywhere in the World (according to the 100% Complete for all life stage Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrient profile requirements). This means your Dog or Cat has a better chance of living a longer, healthier life than on other plant protein pet foods that are less than 100% Complete For All Life Stages or those foods that are labeled Complete and Balanced.
To conclude, Evolution Diet are the ONLY Plant Protein - Plant Oil Based Cat Dog Foods formulated to meet or exceed NRC and AFFCO Nutrient Profile Requirements For All Life Stages without adding any dangerous chemical preservatives. We do this because our intention is to provide the very best health and very longest life of Cats & Dogs eating our products. We believe that by employing World Leading Animal Nutritionists to design our products and the very best ingredients, we offer unparalleled performance compared to all Vegan – Vegetarian – Meat, Poultry and Fish Based Pet Foods made anywhere on the Planet. 
We believe that Evolution Diet offers the very best chance your Dog or Cat will have a healthier, longer life than on any other Pet food!