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Dear Friends,

Our team is starting a scientific study to investigate lifespan of cats, dogs and ferrets fed Evolution Diet products. With this research, we hope to educate the public about benefits of vegan diet for their companion animals and hopefully, more people make the vegan choice. This is part of our mission to save billions of animal lives and our planet. 

We need your help! Our study will be based on the Sworn Statement Prototype and will depend on your participation. If your companion animals is currently using Evolution Diet products, please download the statement using the link below. 

Please print the statement, fill it out and take it to the Notary Public to co-sign. The statement must be sworn and co-signed by the Notary Public for it to be used in research. consignment. Please Any Sworn Statement or Affidavit must be co-signed by a Notary Public.

Please take some of your time to help us with this study and together, we can help the vegan movement!

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Please see examples of previous sworn statements by our customers