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Thank you so much for visiting our site! I am Eric V. Weisman, CAHP, NCEP, Holistic Practitioner and CEO. 

I invented Plant Protein Vegan Cat - Dog Foods in N. America starting in 1988-1989 with the assistance of my father Paul Weisman, Pharm D. and Dr. Darwin Brightsman, Animal Nutritionist, PhD. 

EVOLUTION DIET offers Organic, Non GMO and conventional Plant Protein Vegan Cat – Dog - Ferret Foods and a Nutrient Compound Animal Health Care Service. 

EVOLUTION PET FOODS - EVOLUTION HEALTH SCIENCE Nutrient Compound Health Care services are internationally awarded for excellence, scientific achievement and integrity over multiple years by media outlets in both Canada and the U.S.. 

We also offer free Animal Care health assessment consultations by phone appointments at OFFICE 1-651-228-0632  or CP 1-651-492-2190.  Please contact us if you have questions or health issues. 

You can call our internationally awarded Holistic Healthcare Service for:

  1. Non-Human Healthcare Practice
  2. A separately state registered Human Healthcare Practice


Find out what the underlying condition(s) are in your Cat, Dog, Ferret or other Animal, and get Free Life Saving Methods & Recommendations that can improve the Dog Cat Ferrets, Gerbils, Hamsters Turtles etc. 

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Each companion animal is unique and has their own unique needs. 

Unlike most other pet food companies, in addition to offering day-to-day foods, Evolution Diet also offers free consultations for guardians and their companion animals to address their unique needs.

The assessment includes:

  1. Case Review with questions and answers about the signs and the symptoms
  2. Review of veterinary reports
  3. Suggestions about protein isolate-, vitamin-, herbal-, and mineral compound applications for tissue restoration and repair in organ failure, cancer, toxicity, inflammatory and infectious disease conditions
  4. Free Follow Up Visits by Phone for EVOLUTION DIET Pet Food Customers and Clients

Your Specialist and Trusted Consultant


All consultations are carried out by our lead practitioner, who worked in 1000’s of Cat-Dog, other Non-Human & Human Cases during the last 25 Years. We have reviewed the research literature and conducted 100’s experiments and are registered with the Minnesota Dept. of Health.

Evolution Diet Inc. has assisted in hundreds of cases using Nutrient - Botanical Compound Technology Applications in Infectious Diseases, Organ Failures, and Cancers.

Both us and other scientists, physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, biologists, and nutritionists have helped develop the compounds that use to save both Non-Human and Human Lives in 2 separate healthcare practices: He manages one EVOLUTION HEALTH SCIENCE PRACTICE FOR HUMANS AND SEPARATE PRACTICE FOR NON-HUMANS.  

AWARDS: 2018-2021 "Integrative Veterinary Care Journal Innovation Award", LA, CA, US, 2018 2017-2021 "Canadian Dogs Annual Best Service Award" ON, CN: 2017-2021 "Animal Wellness Magazine Best Pick Award" CO, US-ON, CN; 2018-2021 "The National Magazine Best Pet Food & Health Consulting Service Award" FL, US-LON, UK: 2018-2018-2020Go Vegan Radio Radio Highest Integrity Award 2018-2021".

Our Method

We do not run a medically qualified veterinary practice that depends on chemical drugs or surgery. Instead, we utilize compounds made from botanicals, vitamins, protein isolates, fruit-seed extracts, minerals and we do our best to stay away from the pharmaceuticals. Other measures that provide the best state of health of your companion animals and extend their lives are listed in one of our blog posts.  

Our Supplements and Compounds

If you suspect that your cats and dogs have a health condition, be sure to give us a call to see if one of the supplements may help. The supplements are effective and affordable, and the consultation is always free.

  • Compound C for Cancers
  • Compound R for Kidney Failure and Low Red Blood Cell Conditions
  • Compound A for Adrenal Failure Conditions
  • Compound H for Congestive Heart Failure and Dilated Myocardiopathy
  • Compound L for Liver Failure and Hepatitis Conditions
  • Compound S for Skin Inflammatory Conditions
  • Compound J for various Arthritis and Joint Failure Conditions
  • Compound B for Brain Malfunction, Seizures, and Behavioral Disorders

All supplements sold by Evolution Diet –  National Health Consulting Service in both Human and Non Human Grades are state licensed and individually batch tested for the following:  

  1. nutrient or botanical identity of all supplements tested.
  2. concentration of all supplements tested.
  3. lack of contaminants in all supplements tested.

Call 651-228-0632  for a Free Assessment & Consult for additional Disease Specific Nutrient Compounds not listed on this page of Supplement Compounds for Cancers, Infectious Disorders & Organ Failures

Evolution Diet Pet Food & National Health Consulting Service is a healthcare service authorized by the state of Minnesota    


Evolution Diet Inc. is an internationally awarded  Nutrient Botanical Compound Scientist and Practitioner skilled in the development and use of Vitamin, Plant Based Protein, Mineral Compounds to address various illnesses.  Our practice is based on scientific study reviews, experiments he has conducted, subject and client feedback in thousands of cases. We are not qualified as a Human Medical Practitioner or Veterinary Medical Practitioner that uses Pharmaceutical – Drugs made from Slaughter Animal or Petroleum Based Ingredients.  Eric V. Weisman is an internationally awarded scientist – holistic practitioner that specializes in the application of Nutrient Botanical Compounds for both Non-Human and Human Healthcare Issues. All Vitamin, Protein Isolate, Nutrient, Botanical Compound Products we provide are claimed to be 2nd Party and / or 3rd Party Tested by the vendors we purchase from.  They are tested for 1.  Nutrient or Botanical Identity   2.  Actual Nutrient or Botanical Concentration 3.  Lack of Contamination Statements related to nutrient botanical compound practices have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The products we sell are not intended to cure treat diagnose or prevent any disease in Human subjects.