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EVOLUTION Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods

Celebrating our 29th Year Anniversary now and our 30th in 2019! The World’s Most Advanced High Fortification Pet Foods & Supplement Compounds for Disease!

EVOLUTION: Premium Pet Foods & Supplements Designed to Increase Extra Healthy Years Of Life For Cats & Dogs. 28 Years Of Experimentation & Development. Documentation Available. (© 2018)

Evolution Cat & Dog Foods are the only 100% Complete For All Life Stage Plant Protein Cat & Dog Foods made in N. America according to Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Assoc. Of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrition Requirements.



You are helping advance a movement and great cause.

Your purchase helps us financially with our rescued Dogs & Cats. We pay for medical bills, food, shelter and placement assistance. We appreciate your business more than you know because it is your patronage that helps go to a humane cause in helping these wonderful animals.

In addition it also helps create Jobs! Not only here in America but in Canada and other places across the world too as we expand our innovative health based food products and service offerings. Please call us at the number above if you would like to take in and love a currently homeless pet. They will warm your hearts and your homes. Thank you. Your kindness allows us to continue to do what we are most passionate about in helping these intelligent animals…which translates to healthier homes and families everywhere.

Did you know the love of a Dog can actually lower your own blood pressure? Get the facts about the health benefits animals can have on your own health by reading more on our blogs and other articles and information we will be sending out in a newsletter coming soon!

The World Peace Diet Phone Conference Group

Join Our Group Sunday Nights at: 7 PM Central Time 1-712-432-3900, Access Code 568364 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 3 PM Hawaii Time.



Evolution Pet Food is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated Evolution Pet Foods. “E. Weisman is a former human physician and scientist-empiricist providing supplement applications for disease information-instructions for Dogs, Cats & other Non-Humans. E. Weisman has reviewed hundreds of research papers, conducted hundreds of his own experiments and assisted thousands of clients with his updated supplement compounds for internal disease.

E. Weisman is approved by the MN State Gov. to provide this assistance, though he does not run a veterinary – medically qualified service. E. Weisman also provides human health care practices, including nutritional supplements, and is registered by the Minnesota health-related licensing boards and the commissioner of the Minnesota Dept. Of Health.”


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