Why Evolution Pet Food

EVOLUTION Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods

Our 30th Year of World Leading Pet Food Design & Supplement Compound Technology. E. Weisman, CAHP, & Dr. D. Brightsman, PhD, Animal Nutritionist Invented The World’s 1st Plant Protein Pet Foods 30 years ago.

Eric Weisman and Evolution Diet Weisman with the assistance of Dr. Darwin Brightsman, PhD, Animal Nutritionist, and th inspiration of Eric’s father Paul Weisman, Pharm. D, stood up against the Slaughter Animal – Chemical Drug Industry for the past 30 Years by inventing and producing the World’s 1st Plant Protein Vegan 100% Complete For All Life Stage Cat – Dog Foods according to Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Association Of Feed Control Officials (AFFCO) Nutrient Profile Requirements.

Evolution Diet is also the World’s 1st Plant Protein Vegan Pet Food Co. to make moist canned Cat – Dog Foods and Organic Non GMO Cat and Dog Food.

Evolution Diet has never added any chemical preservatives like BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin or Polyethylene Glycol to any of its’ pet foods.  The reality is that the pet food industry allows pet food companies to add preservatives to pet food ingredients  before going into processing without requiring preservatives to be put on pet food ingredient labels, so the pet food industry never does put them on their labels.  The pet food industry is self – regulated for the most part by an industry organization called AAFCO.

For accomplishing the difficult task of making cleaner, safer, cruelty free Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods, Evolution Diet, Eric Weisman, Lynn Weisman, our staff and our mission of saving Animal Lives have been constantly and rigorously attacked by the Slaughter Animal – Chemical Drug Industry who pay off lying, prostitute journalists like “skeptavet”, “pet food evaluator”, “bbb” and veterinarians who have very little training in Animal Nutrition.   They attack our company and its’ mission of protecting and saving Non – Human Animal Lives.  At the same time they are attacking a company that provides what many consider the World’s cleanest, safest and most complete pet foods.

In spite of these Slaughter Animal – Chemical Drug industry attacks,  Eric Weisman, Lynn Weisman, our dedicated staff,  suppliers and service providers have changed and improved the pet food industry forever.  Evolution Diet has increased its’   impact by getting other pet food companies to follow our lead.  At least 10 North American & European Pet Food Companies have now copied the Evolution Diet {Plant Protein Pet Food Model.

With other companies (even the big meat based pet food companies) following our path and with dedicated, intelligent clients, customers, Animal Sanctuary and Pet Food Distribution Management in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and continental Asia, we have been able to save billions of Animal Lives and together and we are saving more Animal Lives every year.

According to Will Tuttle PhD (who wrote The World Peace Diet), the 50-75 billion or about 1/3 of the 150 – 175 billion Land Animals, Birds and Fish that are slaughtered for food every year in N. America and are horrifically abused and terrorized are  ground up for pet foods.  Evolution Diet Pet Foods has led the charge to stop the slaughter from the pet food aspect.

Together with your help, Evolution Diet and other pet food companies are going forward and saving more Animal Lives and helping to stop the Animal genocide that is destroying all Animal Life on our Planet and causing the environmental chaos called Climate Change.  According to the UN Climate Study and many of the World’s leading experts in climatology, the increasing heat, storms, hurricanes, tidal waves, and the Polar Vortex of 2019 are caused by the methane and C0 2 that come from both Non-Human and Human Animal defecation, oil and coal emissions and destruction of our forests.

Together, People like ourselves that are using Plant Protein Based Vegan Products for ourselves, our Cats and Dogs and not using Animals and their parts are actively saving billions of Non – Humans, millions of Humans and our Planet.  You and I vote with our dollars.  We are improving our World for All Who Live.  Albert Einstein said there is no more important mission than this to save our World and I hope that you agree.

Thank you so much for considering Evolution Diet Family Products and our perspective of kindness.


NUTRIENTS are much more important than mere INGREDIENTS

Cats and Dogs as well as all other species including Humans—require specific nutrients, rather than specific Animals and parts for a safer and healthier diet. With today’s scientific knowledge and achievement, there is every good reason why diets should be made up of all plant proteins,  vitamins, minerals, and synthetically made ingredients (i.e., plant protein vegetable based vegan diets) that meet the taste, bioavailability, and nutritional requirements of Cats, Dogs and Humans).

critical STUDIES

Study by Semp (2014)(5) – no significant differences were evident in any of the tested parameters, compared to the dogs fed a conventional diet. Lower levels of iron and vitamin B12 in vegan dogs were not observed.

Study by Brown et al. (2009)(6) – It is difficult to envision any companion animals placed under greater physical demands than sprint-racing Siberian Huskies. During sprint races, these dogs run fast through snow, while hauling sleds, for much of the 30-mile race duration; half of the dogs were fed with plant-based diets, while the other half with meat-based diets. All dogs were assessed as being in excellent physical condition.

Study by PETA (1994)(7) – over 80% of dogs maintained on vegan or vegetarian diets for 50% to 100% of their lifetimes were reported as being in good to excellent health (the remaining 20% of dogs had the same health problems as those commonly reported within the normal domesticated dog population).


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