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EVOLUTION Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods

Celebrating our 29th Year Anniversary now and our 30th in 2019! The World’s Most Advanced High Fortification Pet Foods & Supplement Compounds for Disease!

EVOLUTION: Premium Pet Foods & Supplements Designed to Increase Extra Healthy Years Of Life For Cats & Dogs. 28 Years Of Experimentation & Development. Documentation Available. (© 2018)

Evolution Cat & Dog Foods are the only 100% Complete For All Life Stage Plant Protein Cat & Dog Foods made in N. America according to Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Assoc. Of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrition Requirements.


Evolution Pet Foods, Supplements & Health Consulting Service

Eric Weisman, CSO, Scientist, and CEO (not a healthcare practice) 1081 Hwy 36 E. Hwy 61 in Maplewood, MN, 55109

The North West Corner of Hwy 36 E. at Hwy 61 inopposite Menard’s

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Phone: 651-221-9056.

Email: weisman@qwestoffice.net

Nutrition City

Lyndale Ave., MPLS opposite The Wedge Coop

Nutrition City Health Food & Supplements

Lyndale across from the Wedge Food Co-op

Phone: 1-612-871-7171

Nutrition City Health Food & Supplements

White Bear Ave. in front of Maplewood Mall

Phone: 1-651-770-7171

Forest Lake Pets

Main St., Forest Lake, MN

Phone: 1-651-464-8982

New Hampshire

Mary Swan / Simran Co-op 199 March Rd., Sanbornton, NH, 03269

Phone 1-603-556-7114

Email: mswan1970@gmail.com

San Diego, CA

Iris Cheung’s Loving Hut Restaurant

9928 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92131

Phone: 1-858-578-8885

New Evolution Canada Office in Toronto, Ont., Canada

Mikhail Gousev, CEO, Vecado – Evolution Pet Food, Canada 45 Hepscott Terr Toronto, ON M1W1C9 Canada

Phone: 1-800-256-1518

Email: Mikhail.goussev@gmail.com

Website: www.vecado.ca

Buy In Germany – Annika Becker

An der Roethe 8 36145 Hofbieber, Germany

Phone: 0049-6657-553973

Website: www.futterservice-fulda.de

Email: kontakt@futterservice-fulda.de

Universal Balance Co. & Cat Sanctuary, Ltd.

Dr. Izumi Masukawa 7652 Kobuchizawa Hokuto City Yamanashi, 408-0042 Japan

Phone: 0551-45-9731 Fax: 0551-45-9701

Email: izu@lifetune.jp




Phone: 41-0 71-470-04-04

Absolute Vegan Empire” of Germany, Europe sells U.S. Made Evolution Pet Foods in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, England, Sweden, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Finland and Russia.

Deco House Co., Ltd, Taiwan” of Asia sells U.S. Made Evolution Pet Foods in Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Down To Earth Health Food Stores” & “Hawaii Animal Care Clinic” Hawaii sells Evolution Pet Foods throughout Hawaii.

Eco Dogs and Cats”, CA, USA, across The U.S.

Vegan Essentials” Wisconsin, USA, across the U.S.

Vegan Haven” Seattle, Washington, USA

My Pet Naturally” of West Los Angeles, CA, across the USA

Pangea Natural Car Products,” Maryland, across the USA

Willow Run Pet Supply,” Broomfield, CO.

Spiral Dinner”, Dallas, Texas, USA

Seed Kitchen Restaurant”, Los Angeles, CA



Evolution Pet Food is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated Evolution Pet Foods. “E. Weisman is a former human physician and scientist-empiricist providing supplement applications for disease information-instructions for Dogs, Cats & other Non-Humans. E. Weisman has reviewed hundreds of research papers, conducted hundreds of his own experiments and assisted thousands of clients with his updated supplement compounds for internal disease.

E. Weisman is approved by the MN State Gov. to provide this assistance, though he does not run a veterinary – medically qualified service. E. Weisman also provides human health care practices, including nutritional supplements, and is registered by the Minnesota health-related licensing boards and the commissioner of the Minnesota Dept. Of Health.”


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