Eric Weisman

EVOLUTION Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods  (read our life extending health tips at the bottom of this page for longest living Cats & Dogs) 

Evolution was the 1st pet food company to make Plant Protein Vegan Cat and Dog Foods in the World.  We are in our 30th Year of World Leading Pet Food Design & Supplement Compound Technology.  E. Weisman, CAHP, invented Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods and with the assistance of Dr. D. Brightsman, PhD, Animal Nutritionist produced Evolution Diet Cat – Dog Foods over 30 years ago!  Evolution Diet now sells its’ US Made Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods all over the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan everyday.  

History of Eric Weisman, CAHP, Scientist-Empiricist, Healthcare Practitioner, and Evolution Pet Food.

Eric Weisman grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and then moved to Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota to complete his Chiropractic Physician, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Medical Science & Medical Pathology Training at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Eric became most interested in Nutrition and Supplement Compound Technology for the application to Internal Disease and Organ Failure before and after graduation.

Eric started rescuing Homeless Dogs, Cats and Other Animals shortly after graduating from Chiropractic College.  Eric began his life as a strict ethical vegetarian from the time he was 18 Years Old and later became an ethical Vegan.

After graduating Northwestern Chiropractic College and what is now Northwestern Health Sciences University and completing his national boards in the 93rd Percentile, Eric continued his interest in life saving applied supplement compound technology for organ failure and disease in both Non Humans and Humans.  He continues to review research study literature and has  conducted 100’s of experiments, spent 1000’s of hours taking care of test Pets and non test Pets over the past 20-25 years and has helped thousands of clients and patients in his Non Human and Human Practice authorized by the state of Minnesota.

Evolution Diet reinvented the pet food industry over 30 years ago by making the World’s 1st Plant Protein Vegan Cat & Dog Foods, making the World’s 1st Non GMO and Organic Plant Protein Pet Foods.  Eric Weisman and Evolution Pet Food have been producing the highest quality pet foods for our customers and clients without using chemical preservatives or chemical mold inhibitors from the very beginning.  Evolution Diet has never had 1 single Toxic Recall in its’ entire history.

Evolution Diet was also the World’s 1st Vegan Pet Food Co. to make 100% Complete For All Life Stage Cat & Dog Foods and is still the only Vegan Vegetarian Pet Food Manufacturer to make 100% Complete For All Life Stage Cat and Dog Foods according to the Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and the American Assoc. of Feed Control Officials (AFFCO) nutrient profile requirements.  This means you will feed more concentrated food and less food volume to your Pet than on other Plant Protein Pet Foods, because Evolution Pet Foods are more nutritionally complete than all other Vegan Plant Protein Pet Foods made in N. America.  It also means that your Cat or Dog has a much better chance of living a longer healthier life than on other Vegan – Vegetarian Cat and Dog Foods.  Please take a moment to visit to learn more.

Call To Order Pet Supplements and get a Free Case Review, Phone Assessment and Consultation at 1-651-228-0632.  We do not run a Free Health Consulting Service because we have to:  We run it because we are dedicated to making a safer healthier World for all Non Humans and Humans.  We do not have all the life saving answers, but we do have a good number of them.        

These are just some of the supplements we sell.  We also sell 50 other life saving pet and human grade products that you can use with these listed products that we can discuss with you by phone or in a personal live visit at our clinic and pet food sales office and warehouse.

1.  Kidney Support Liquid For Cats and Dogs:  On Sale $44.95 Per Bottle

2. Omega-3 Support for Cats/Dogs for Immune System, Joint & Brain Function Enhancement 180 Soft Gel Caps:
On Sale $15.19 Per Bottle

3.  Urinary Tract Support for Cats/Dogs that require Urinary Tract Normal Function 90 Tabs:
On Sale $12.79

4.  Immune System Support for Cats/Dogs that need Protein Support of Immune System 90 Tabs:
On Sale 19.99

5.  Joint Support For Cats/Dogs for Healthy Joints 90 Chewable Tablets:
On Sale $18.39

6. Pet Relaxant helps keep your Dog/Cat Calm & Relaxed 90 Chewable Tablets: On Sale $15.19

7.  Gastro-Intestinal Support for help with Gastric Distress 90 Chewable Tablets: On Sale $20.79

With Every Purchase You Get:

  1. Free Shipping when bought with any Pet Food ,
  2. 20% Off Supplement Product
  3. No Sales Tax on any Pet Supplement or Pet Food Order,
  4. Free Assessment & Consultation regarding use of Supplements & Foods if you ask for it.


Cancer is now the leading cause of death in Dogs and becoming the 2nd leading cause of death in Cats.  With all the hoopla about betee Cat and Dog Foods you may ask yourself why is Cancer killing so many Cats & Dogs.

I have worked in 1000’s of Cat & Dog Disease Cases including urinary tract failures and cancer cases over the past 25 years.  I can assure you that the biggest problems are tap water and chemical contamination exposure from tap water, chemically treated lawns and chemically treated pet foods which may often be highly contaminated with hormones and antibiotics plus heavy metals minerals and drug and chemical residuals.

1. We use distilled water with all our Cats and Dogs and this is what I recommend in all cases to our clients and customers. Distilled water that you make with a table top distiller or purchase through a water service that brings it to your door OR buy at the grocery store is the ideal solution for Cats like you are describing.

  1. Another important step is to clean the Cat Box or boxes every day and remove all fecal matter and urine coagulated litter and we spray the litter that is not removed with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution about 6-8 times and shake it to disperse the sprayed litter.

3. Keep floors, seating surfaces and counter tops cleaned with a mild detergent or vacuum furniture and carpeted areas at least once per week to remove excessive bacteria and disease causing pathogens you may be tracking in with your shoes.


  1. Agan:  We have run a Cat-Dog-Rabbit-Ferret Rescue for over 27 years and I have worked thousands of cases with clients and we keep all our Cats and other guests inside except for a very rare occasion (my Dogs are walked outside daily but never on treated lawns) and this helps because you never know what they are going to eat or chemicals they contact when they are outside. Keep Cats & Dogs off chemically treated lawns at all times.


  1. I always use a Veken electric Water Fountain that I clean at least 1 time per 2 weeks and of course I use Distilled Water and clean the filter before putting it back on the counter.  The fountain encourages Cats to drink more water and clear pathogens including heavy metals, drugs and minerals out of their systems.


6.  If the Cat or Cats will eat moistened dry food, add 1/2 part distilled to 1 part distilled water to the food and let the food sit for at least an hr. in the refrigerator before serving.  I add some dry kibble to clean their teeth and gums.  Moistened kibble is a better way to serve Cats and Dogs and Ferrets and Rabbits etc. because it is less of challenge for their digestive tract and their immune systems for absorption and utilization.


Yes:  20-25 year or even older Cats & Dogs are possible.   I am not claiming that if you use Evolution Diet Pet Foods your Cat or Dog will live to 20-25 Years Old, but you may have a better chance of that happening if you follow the above recommendations no matter what pet food you use.  Add these measures to our foods and especially our Non GMO Maximum Life  or Ultra Life Organic Cat and / or Dog  Food and you could get exceptional results.  We offer free assessments and consults by phone and we explain to people how to safely treat their Cats using life-saving supplement compounds for the most part instead of drugs and surgery.


We have 3 special sprinkle on flavors for more difficult Cats, Dogs and Ferrets to feed.  You can also use distilled water to our dry kibble foods which also helps prevent urinary tract stones, crystals and failure.