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Customer Reviews – Evolution Diet Dog Food

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Evolution Diet Dog Food.

I’m a Believer!
By hillgrass

I’ve been feeding my dog Evolution for a couple years now. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea at first, but my veganism made me do it! If there had been any adverse effects, I would’ve taken her off right away. I’m not going to subject my dog to my own moralism if it does her harm. The first thing I noticed was that she dove right into her new kibble, so it passed the taste test. Of course, I slowly transitioned her from her other food. As time passed, it seemed that 2 cups total of dry food per day were enough to maintain her weight. I suppose this implies Evolution is very concentrated? She averages between 60-63 lbs throughout the year. I feed her only once in the evening, adding enough water to the kibble to make it stewy. Instead of giving her treats, I merely give her a small handful of kibble out of the two cup total once or twice a day. My dog is now twelve going on thirteen and just passed her senior checkup (blood work, stool and urine check, etc) with flying colors. I don’t dare tell the vet what I’ve been up to. I don’t think she’d approve. I let the checkups speak for themselves.


Best Dog Food You Can Buy!
By Rob in CA

My dogs have been eating Evolution for about the past 5 years. People always remark about how gorgeous their coats are and ask me what I do, that I must brush them and bathe them all the time. I do neither. People also can’t believe my older dog is 9 because she looks and acts so young. They still love the food after all this time. I usually mix in a little canned, which Evolution also sells. The only thing I wish for that could improve it would be for it to be organic.


By VALERIE McCullamon

My 2 boxers and pit bull mix go crazy for this food!!! They LOVE it!! So happy for a KIND FOOD that they love and is so very good for them!!!!Thanks for this great choice!!


My dogs love it.
By Roscommon

I’ve been using this food for my three dogs for probably at least ten years–two rescue collies and one chinook rain. (A mix? From a dog pound.) They all love it. I add some warm water, sometimes enough to make it into a bit of a stew, and some carrots or some other vegetables. It is concentrated and so I use no more than about 2/3 of what I’d otherwise use.


By Jason

Sometimes I think my dog eats the best food in the house. My dog is over 10 years old, she acts like she’s half her age and her coat is beautiful and glossy. She has eaten this dog food for almost all her life and I attribute this dog food to taking such good care of her. For the price, you get a lot – it actually works out to be cheaper than any other vegetarian dog food on the market that I’ve found. It’s just the best dog food. Every dog deserves to feel good 🙂 Bon Apetit, doggie!


Evolution Diet Cat & Dog Food is the Best
By Elizabeth Diamond

My pets (2 Dog and 2 Cats) have been on Evolution Diet for 8 years. Both my dogs and my cats love the food and have been on it since they were 4 months old. My younger cat was very sick when I brought her home and I was nervous about putting her on a vegei diet until she was well. My Vet uses this product and recommended that I switch right away because it’s such a high quality food. Once I put her on Evolution she had a speedy recovery. Everyone that has had contact with my pets have made comments on how beautiful their fur is.


Incredible Dog Food
By Tas

I have 2 Chihuahuas – The first one I got as a puppy 9 years ago and the second one I got from a rescue a few years ago when she was already 7 years old. I started feeding Evolution to my first dog at least 6-7 years ago when I first found out about it. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years, so I wanted a healthy option for my dog, too! 🙂 It disgusts me to know what ingredients are in other dog foods, and I can’t fathom feeding that to my dogs. My theory is if I wouldn’t consider eating it, why would I feed it to my dogs? My first dog has always had a smooth shiny coat that gets many compliments from vets and others, she never smells bad or “dog-like”, and her breath is never bad. It actually smells good. I attribute all that to Evolution. Being 9 years old, she still acts like a puppy. She is full of energy and very healthy. My second dog, when we first got her, was smelly and her coat was very rough. Since she switched to Evolution, all that has changed. She doesn’t smell bad, neither does her breath, and her coat has gotten much softer and healthier-looking. Now only if Evolution could stop her from shedding… 🙂 Overall – I’m expecting that my dogs will live happy and healthy lives from eating Evolution pet food, and I’m so glad this product is available!


Evolution Dog Food has great ingredients
By Kimberly A. Molinary

Our dogs have skin issues, so the Dr. Vet recommended Evolution dry veggie dog food. We mix the evangers veggie cans with the Evolution dog food, and the dogs love it. They have 2 flavors for the doggies in Evolution, the dogs like both. It’s easy to digest and the dogs say it’s tasty. Woof Woof LOL, Just wish we could get the Evolution in a store close by instead of ordering to ship. It’s heavy so they have to charge shipping. We love the product as well as the doggies.


Five Stars
y hereon My dogs love this food. They have been eating it for years and are healthy and shiny.


By Girlon

My dog loves it, and is a picky little Frenchie. I love that I am not killing more helpless animals needlessly.


My dog likes it.
By Colin Weston

My dog likes it! I mix it with some buffalo food also for the time being though.


Yummy for dogs
By Matthewon

My dogs love it! They have been on it for 7 months and doing better than before. I would highly recommend this food to friends. Ships pretty quick too.