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Customer Reviews – Evolution Diet Cat Food

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Evolution Diet Cat Food.


4 years of success with this food
By D. Vega

We started using this food in April 2007 after a recommendation from a person who raises and breads AKC dogs that compete in prestigious dog shows. I had told her how my cat developed allergies to most foods and really wasn’t doing well with the Hill’s Low-Allergen z/d Prescription Diet food. Mine you, we always fed our cat premium cat foods.

So, after ordering a $19.95 intro pack from Evolution Diet, we were thrilled to see our cat immediately embrace the dry vegan food. Our vet had some concerns, telling us to make sure there is taurine in the food (which it does).

Flash forward to his most recent vet visit which was last summer. He had to be put under anesthesia for a tooth cleaning and while he was under, the vet gave him a complete physical. When he was picked up, the vet wanted us to confirm his age. 15 years old was the reply. She couldn’t understand where we got that estimate from, surely it must have been wrong. She estimate the age at about 6 or 7 years. Well, we adopted him at a Humane Society as a baby so we knew for sure he was 15 (now 16). All I can say is that the food must have had a huge influence on his “real age” vs. “physical age.” He has a shiny coat, he is healthy, he is active, and he still loves his food. The only concern he has is a recent cracking of his bones of his back sometimes when he is stretching. Luckily, he is not in pain and he still goes on his regular daily gallop/sprint, which sounds like a pack of elephants stamping around the house (this is one of his trademarks, he has always done this).

In terms of moisture concerns or urinary issues, we have not had any. We do not moisten his food. He doesn’t like it that way. But he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. I didn’t even know that cats liked fruits/vegetables before 1995, but this one aggressively stands firm on his love for them. In fact, he has to have cantaloupe daily, it’s non-negotiable. It has been one of those things where he has demanded it for years. Secondly, he loves bananas, so he gets a couple of pieces per week. And, during the summer months, he gets asparagus spears, which happen to be his #2 favorite thing on earth, next to cantaloupe. He has also been known to steal brocolli off of our plates and run away and eat it too. He is really good at swiftly stealing food, even at 16.

I give this food a 5/5 review because in my experience, it has been like a fountain of youth for my cat, who I adore. I am so happy we were told about this food four years ago, and I will continue to feed it to my cat without reservations.


Two happy, healthy vegan cats
By Laura

I have one 6 year old cat who has been eating this vegan since we found him as a kitten. We recently took him to a new vet who commented how healthy he was, and how unusual it was for her to see a cat that’s not obese, but a healthy weight! We have another kitten now who has also adapted well to the food. Highly recommended!


Kitty loves this; Evolution website cheaper
By Bionic Hedgehog

An Indian person adopting a cat is about as unholy and sacrilegious as it gets in Indian circles. Being a vegetarian myself, the burden of religious and personal preference both drove me to quickly look for vegan cat options the moment I adopted the portly Sylvester. I bought the Evolution 20 pounder and started mixing 1:1 with the purina and managed to slowly wean him out of Purina. Now he loves this food and that is all I care about. Wish they would bundle some shipping costs for two bags since at nearly 25% of cost price for shipping, it does get pretty expensive. That said, even if they decided to double the price, I would still pony up and pay.


Kitties go crazy for veggie cat food!
By Thomas Hertweck

The two little darlings at my home have been eating this particular cat food since we got them from the local shelter at the ripe young age of 6 months. We chose to switch them over to vegetarian cat food for two reasons: 1) both of us are ethical vegetarians, and 2) we could! We switched them using the same methods vets have recommended when undergoing any change in diet for felines–slowly mixing them together in differing proportions until all that they eat is the new kind of food. In this way the cats do not undergo any kind of indigestion that might cause them to throw up (those with cats already will understand completely). But what was the surest sign that we were doing the right thing for our cats? Even on the first day, and for everyday it was given to them after, they ignored the meat-based cat food, eating only the vegetable-based pieces from their bowl! Everyday when I went to feed them in the morning, they would be waiting next to a bowl with meat-food detritus, staring impatiently for the vegetable goodness. As for their level of health, I have literally never known two cats to be sweeter or more active than these. And I don’t mean chaotic, but playful, pouncy, and sweet. Is it all because of the food? I can’t say to 100% certainty. But know this: when we got the kittens they were shy and scared, seemingly because both only have vision in their left eyes. Now they are more daring than even the most normal of cats. All this and we don’t have to participate in the inhumane practice of feeding waste animals to our companion friends!


Evolution vegan cat food is the way to go!
By Beth Sopko

My 9-month-old cat has been eating Evolution for most of his life now; I transitioned him shortly after I adopted him. He’s doing extremely well; he eats Evolution every day and loves it. His coat is glossy and he has crazy kitten energy. I very recently rescued an adult cat, and I’m slowly transitioning her from conventional cat food to this. (When I first brought her home, she wouldn’t eat for two days and was extremely skinny.) I also was taking care of a friend’s cat for a week, and when I saw she wasn’t eating her own food, I brought a baggie of the Evolution kibble, which she was interested in, and then ate. Most of all, I want my cats to eat this food because it’s healthier for them; it doesn’t contain the waste animals, beaks, hair, and ear tags that all pet foods (even premium) can contain–and is nutritionally complete, with the protein and amino acids they need. As a plus, it’s a tasty food they like; when water is added–which it should be, to prevent dehydration–it’s economical, too. It’s a great deal all around!


Our cats’ Favorite!
By Organic Vegan Ithacan

Both our cats absolutely love Evolution kibble. We mix it up with Red Star nutritional yeast and water and they love it even more. They’ve actually torn open the bag to get to it, and when they hear me getting it ready they come running. It’s vegan, so it contains no slaughterhouse by-products, euthanasia solution, carcinogens, or dead animals. Yay!


The best cat food anywhere
By Doctor B

Every time I run out and get regular kibble or cans, my cats look scruffy and they seem to hate the store-bought stuff and hate me for feeding it to them. On this food for years, my cats are shiny, never gassy, never fat though I leave the food out all the time in a bistro feeder, and their poop ain’t sweet but seems less foul than when on other food. Only down side is that you have to remember to reorder it 2 weeks before you run out because it’s not in any stores. It’s not cheap but with 2 cats a 40 pound bag ($90 including shipping) lasts me about 12 weeks, so under $4 a week per cat, maybe $2 more than Purina, $1 more than Iams and about the same as Blue or Nutro.


By Alfredo Kuba

Evolution Diet food is by far the healthiest dog and cat food anywhere! I say this because I am living proof this product reversed diabetes in one of my cats caused by the commercial pet food I thought it was “wholesome”. Evolution Diet is the alternative dog and cat food to the commercial poison food sold by all commercial pet foods. I have been using Evolution Diet for over 17 years now and it reverses and prevents diseases while maintaining strong and healthy immune systems. Try it, you’ll be glad you did. Just make sure you transit the food slowly and make sure you ad water to the kibble 1-1 ratio as recommended and directed on the package. It is not recommended to feed dry kibble to cats as some cats, particularly males are predisposed to urinary blockages. Always ad filtered water 1-1 ratio to the dry food. This also keeps your cat hydrated which is very important for maintaining good health. That’s it………..your cat will thank you and will live a healthy, long life, as it should be……


Perfect Cat Food
By Erica C. Julien

I love it because it’s vegan, my cat loves it because it’s good. I’ve never seen a cat so happy to be fed before, he reminds me of a dog sometimes. He loves this food, and I’m glad that he is eating healthy and that he’s happy.