Rave Reviews for Evolution Diet Cat & Dog Food

Here are just a few testimonials of our satisfies customers.

During the last 19 and a 1/2 years we have been in operation, we have influenced a lot of people and other animal lives. Here is where a few of our thousands of clients tell what the Evolution Pet Food Team has done for them.

Evolution Pet Food is the BEST cat food bar none! This vegan cat food saved one of my loved ones life who was suffering from diabetes. Evolution Pet Food reversed diabetes permanently on my cat Mussi. Now I used with all my cats and they love it. I feed my 4 cats Evolution Pet Food moist 1 part water 1 part kibble or 50/50. Let the kibble sit and absorb the water for at least 2 hours and the food is ready. For the next day, I leave the food over night to absorb the water and it is ready for breakfast time.

Thank you Evolution Pet Food for the GREAT product!

Alfredo Kuba


All 7 of my rescued poodles LOVE this food. One of them has allergies to pretty much everything, but not this food. And all of them are picky eaters, but they all devour their Evolution Pet Food! I have fed this to puppies under a year old all the way up to my oldest who I assume is around 15 years or so. I also fostered a kitten for a few months and she loved the cat food. I highly recommend!

Thank You, Malila Robinson


Hi Evolution Pet Food Staff: Beau, my kitty, loves your food and he is healthy and happy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product. Every time the Vet tries to sell me food when I take him in for his yearly check up she can’t believe he’s 15 and looks so good. I smile and say thank you and no I’ll feed him myself.

My other cat lived to about 20 years old on Evolution Pet Food. I wouldn’t feed my “furry kids” anything else!! I’m vegetarian too and it only helps the earth to keep it that way – the veggie way.

Thank you again. Your loyal customer, Nancy B.Conklin


Dear Eric & Staff: When I say Evolution Pet Food saved my cat’s life, I mean it in the literal sense!

Molly is now 5 years old. She was born with a condition known as Eosinophilic Linear Granuloma and is allergic to animal protein. The prognosis on this condition is “poor”. Because she developed lumps on her body she was biopsied twice, always with the same result…linear granuloma. In the past four years she has been on every single source protein diet known to the veterinary community as well as on hydrolyzed protein…all have failed to keep the condition from recurring. I should add that she was on LARGE doses of prednisone for most of this time.

Finally, in February of 2004, after she began to develop lip and mucous membrane lesions even though she was receiving 20 mg. of prednisone daily, I said enough is enough…we either go vegetarian or be euthanized.

After some web searching I found Evolution Pet Food. In early March of this year I started her on canned Vegetable Stew and Gourmet Entree, as well as Gourmet Pasta kibble. She took to the food immediately. Within 2 weeks the lip lesions were gone. Within 6 weeks I had her weaned off of prednisone.

Molly has been symptom free for 8 months now and appears to be a healthy cat and appears to thrive on her vegetarian diet. As treats, I sometimes give her baked squash, garbanzo beans or tofu and she loves it all.

The veterinary community has tried to treat this condition by “controlling” it with steroids and diet. In Molly’s case it didn’t work. I wish there was some way to inform the veterinary community about the success of a nutritionally approved vegetarian diet for animals with this allergic condition. I certainly am doing it with the vets I have dealt with in the past couple of years.

Again, both Molly and I thank you for being a “life-saver”

Betty L. McGinnis


Dear Eric: I have been a customer for over 14 years and would like to say ‘Thank You’ for developing Evolution Pet Food. I have an 18 yr. old German Shepard and a 19 yr. old Bassett Hound. Having dogs this old could be a real chore, but it is not. My two “kids” not only look much younger than they are: They also act much younger than they are.

When I take them to the veterinarian, which is only for shots and dental work by the way, he is so impressed. My vet always tells me, “Whatever you are doing: Keep it up! I have never seen dogs this old look so good and act so much younger than their years!”

*> When you first told me that dogs and cats can live much longer and healthier on the Evolution Pet Food, I was dubious. That was almost eleven years ago. I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever now. I can hardly believe it myself!

My dogs really act like they are still about six years old and they are both in their late teens. They still run and roll over almost like they did when they were puppies. My wife thinks I have the green thumb when it comes to dogs. I have no doubt that they will both probably live to 20 or more. Thank you again for making this wonderful food. I love my dogs and you are helping me to love them much longer.

Sincerely: Dave Burt, Personal Trainer, St. Paul, MN


Dear Evolution and Eric Weisman: I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your pet food. My seven year old rottweiller, named Gretta, was extremely overweight and lethargic. She refused to go on walks with me, even if it was just to the mailbox. We tried to exercise her countless times with no success. If we tried to get her playing by throwing a ball, she would just lie down in exhaustion while leaving the ball roll out of the yard. Her coat was oily and yet flaked. If I washed her, her coat would be oily in a week. There was no hint of the personality she had when she was a pup.

After I started feeding Evolution, she immediately started to change! I can not believe the improvements she has made! Over the past several weeks she has lost 20 lb., her coat is not oily, she has a twinkle in her eye and a sparkling new personality! Now she loves to go on walks (way beyond the mailbox!) and loves to play for hours. This is the dog we used to have. She’s the one that jumps off her bed to greet us excitedly when we get home. I knew there was a happy loving dog in her before, but we just couldn’t find that joy. Evolution Pet Food has helped my dog tremendously. Because I have seen such great results in only 8 weeks, I have referred several of my pet owning friends to you. I know that they will have as much success as we have. Thank you again Eric: Your dedication to pets is appreciated more than you know!

Sincerely: Heidi Belyle, MN


Dear Eric: Just a note of sincere thanks for helping Buster, our 13-year-old cocker spaniel– he’s a changed dog! After using Evolution Pet Food for thirty days, his hot spots are ninety-nine percent eliminated.

Having spent years and lots of dollars trying to diagnose the problem, we were almost certainthat his diet was the contributing factor. In the past, when we fed him a homemade meal (approved by our veterinarian), we noticed a big improvement in his coat and skin. So my wife and I are extremely happy to learn about Evolution Pet Food, and we have now started Pepe (Buster’s sister) on this food plan.

Thank you, Eric, for you compassionate concern for the animals and for your research into developing a nutritious diet for our canine friends.

Kind regards, The Cox family


Dear Evolution Pet Food staff: My husband and I would like to thank you for rushing out my order of Evolution Diet Cat Health Food. My cats are very happy (as happy as two cats can be) that they don’t have to miss a meal of their Evolution food.

We really appreciate what your company does. We are thankful we have found Evolution Pet Food. Thank you so much for rushing out my last order. It is one more thing that makes us respect your company. I am proud to be your customer.

Thank you! Nikki Hilkey


Dear Evolution: You may be pleased to know that, of my two cats, the one who needs the Evolution Pet Food Health Cat Food most urgently has accepted it most readily. As I make the transition from the prescription cat food she had been eating, I can tell she is already beginning to “even out” significantly in how she feels overall, her apetite and consumption of food and water, less discomfort moving about, and more regular use of the box. I am very pleased. Thank you for making this food!

Sincerely, Taichin McLaughlin


Dear Eric Weisman and everyone: Thank you for caring enough to develop Evolution Pet Food Health Dog Food. My nine year old angel was tired, achy, stiff and depressed. I put her on Evolution and watched her transform day by day. Before long, she was running, jumping, and doing figure eights around the yard. She had not been able to get up on the sofa, but now she can jump up onto the bed! She even gets out toys and plays like a puppy! Everyone who loves animals should know about Evolution Pet Food.

A very happy customer, Wally Rennie And her owner, Vickie Rennie


Dear Eric Weisman: Our cat, Gray Cloud, is extremely happy with his Evolution Diet food and every one of our friends and their pets that we’ve shared about your products are also. I’d like to see your products distributed as openly and widely as possible because there are so many people who are unaware that our pets can live healthy and long vegetarian lives. Thank you for your great products and service.

Sincerely, Cynthia Spring & >^..^<